Safe Neighborhoods

Right now, Kansas City is facing a violent crime and public safety crisis. As a prosecutor in the Special Victims Unit, I have seen firsthand the impact of violent crime on our community. I will work to make sure that Kansas City is a safe place for all residents and visitors by working with neighborhood organizations, social services, the police department, and community members to reduce violent crime.

Basic City Services

One of our city’s top priorities should be to deliver services to all residents consistently and equally. I will work tirelessly to improve the delivery of basic city services such as trash pickup, pothole repair, and snow removal. I will prioritize cleaning up litter and dumping in public space so we all live in a City we can be proud of. As your Councilman, my vote will always be to prioritize basic city services and I will work to ensure transparency and accountability in the process.
Maintenance and upkeep of roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructure are vital and must be continually maintained at the highest levels. I am committed to a budget that prioritizes funding these critical basic city services and infrastructure needs across the City.

Economic Opportunity

A city that supports small businesses, innovation, and entrepreneurialism is a city that promotes job creation and a thriving middle class. As your Councilman, I will advocate for innovation and entrepreneurship to create jobs and support healthy economic development. I will work on Tax Incentive policies that promote development while being fair and balanced to taxpayers and other taxing jurisdictions such as public school districts.

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